SEO strategy and content marketing


Content marketing encompasses a lot, but in short, It is the driving force behind brand awareness, customer engagement (or future customer engagement) and eventual brand loyalty. It also the foundation of Site Engine Optimization, or SEO. Content is king when comes to online presence and acquisition of clients.

Without content, SEO has no foundation.There is literally no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, substance, images, videos, keywords, verbiage, blogs etc. 

Every link earned through marketing or key word strategy has to point to a piece of content. Without content, customer acquisition can become excessively difficult to obtain. In addition, proper content validates your keywords and eventually pushes you up in search rankings. 

Content can be in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, recipes, educational posts, photos etc. A well-though out strategy utilizes all of these, but the main key is to have relevant and consistent content. 

If you’re selling products online, then getting people to your site should by your #1 priority with conversion to sales followed very closely behind. A small percentage of people who visit your site (1-3%) for the first time actually purchase something during that visit. New and consistent content, such as blog posting can re-engage customers and lead to a higher conversion rate. These blog posts should be full of keywords concerning the type of services you provide, which will also boost ranking in google. Emailing customers and posting on social outlets such as Facebook are great ways to steer people towards your blog posting. 


Obtaining and maintaining a social presence can be priceless for businesses. Brand loyalty is more apparent on social media outlets than anywhere else. Well-strategized social accounts interact with their customer base in a two-way communication pattern. Gone are the days that companies can put out an ad and call it good. You’ve got to interact with your customers, not just tell them to buy your stuff! 

Interaction can be through hashtags, running contests, sharing customer images etc. Doing this gives the customer a feeling that they are part of the brand community. It may also serve as a unique way to give them an inside look at the company, which serves a sort of VIP pass.

Don't forget about professional social media sites as well, such as LinkedIn. Many people use these sites for business oriented updates and news. 


Search engines love fresh and new content. Old or low-value content gets pushed down in rankings. After all, if you're not updating your site on a regular basis, and don't care about it, why would anyone else? The only true way to achieve organic growth and obtain high validation ranks on google or similar search engines is to have relevant, newconsistent, and interesting content for SEO techniques to work with.

Although we've been discussing content a lot on this blog, it goes hand-in-hand with proper SEO. They cannot stand alone. When pushing content, it is key to have proper keywords, backlinks, etc in order to validate your content. They best way to get backlinks (people linking to your site or blog) is to have high-quality content that people want to link to. The higher their validation, the better for you. It's like a hand reaching down to pull you up. Think about a .edu Website or a major news publication linking to your site, they've already achieved high validation, so linking to your site in return, validates you.


  1. Be consistent and update frequently
  2. Be unique and offer an inside look into your business
  3. Utilize as many social outlets as possible
  4. Use keywords that are relevant to what you do
  5. Offer high-quality content