5.5 reasons why stock photography is bad for your business




1. They’re not authentic

Stock images lack an authentic message from you company. The result is that potential consumers think that your'e lying to them. It's really an anti-transparency message. The true message a stock image gives is that your’e trying to hide something, or your company culture sucks. It’s difficult to connect to an image that doesn't represent a company, and even worse if it gives the wrong impression (for example, you're ok lying to your customer base). 



I'd be the opposite of happy if my boss made me sit on the floor and work like this.



This person has never worked in an office, or else they would know that most people are miserable when they dress like this and go to work.


2. They’re not budget friendly

It may seem at first that stock images are an easier, more cost-effective way of creating an impressive Website. Just type in “inspiring images” to your favorite stock photography Website, and bam! You’re on your way to inspiring thousands of new customers! Wrong! The problem with this mentality is that everybody does this, so the less expensive images look like everyone else’s. The truly awesome stock photos are $75-$150 each. 

For the cost of decking out your Website with a couple dozen photos, you could do an all day shoot and get a couple hundred photos, creating your own stock library or your own custom products and images which can be switched out and added to your social accounts etc. -Always keeping your feed fresh and up to date.

3. It shows a lack of creativity

Stock images are very predictable. Try it for yourself, type in any keyword into a stock image library and all the images look the same. Trying to stand out in from the crowd by using stock photography is like going to an Insane Clown Posse concert dressed in black and wearing halloween makeup. NO ONE IS GOING TO NOTICE YOU!  


4. It doesn’t help product sales

The importance of detailed, well-lit product imagery to an e-commerce site should never be under-estimated. Studio product photography shows your client exactly what your product is and is crucial to converting clicks to purchases. These images not only serve as an educational point to customers, but help them determine if the product is right for them. This not only helps converts sales, but deters potential bad reviews if a customer mistakenly purchases the wrong product. 




4.5 Nope

No one believes this lady is your customer service rep, because she’s already repping 1,634 other companies.