Video Production Services

Videos are essential to making a mark in e-commerce, and building a brand presence online. Consumers want to be educated, informed, and inspired. Pages with video, receive 2.6x more time on a page versus those without video content, so don't skimp on video, your customers are not only expecting it, they're demanding it!

I'm currently based in Salt Lake City, UT, However I travel as needed to achieve client needs and expectations.

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Demo Reel

Hoyt Archery Spyder

Salt Lake City, Eccles Theater Promo

2017 Pictureline Holiday ad

Massif Athletics 

Salt Lake City Crossfit Front Squat

Crank Brothers DH Pedal

Salt Lake City Crossfit Social Content

2016 Pictureline Holiday Ad

Impossible I-1 with Humane Society of UT

SIET Alpine Anchor Instruction


English Channel Crossing

Steph Davis, Wingsuit jumper

Car to car speed record of Mt. Superior