Hi Nichole and Clint,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on Monday. I’ve put together a few images of a general look and feel that I think would work for Anson Calder, with some short descriptions. In addition I created a quick motion graphic video showcasing the 15” laptop brief, and an example of what a “darker” video would look like using another product.

Thanks again, looking forward to speaking with you further.


dark fashion.jpg

Dark Backdrops

I really like dark backgrounds for portraits or product photography, I think it gives a more elegant and refined feel to the overall aesthetic.

Example copy:

“Our Attache bag is the perfect statement for those who demand quality of quantity.”

dark country.jpg

Warm Earth Tones

Sometimes this can be overdone, but warm tones on dark backgrounds pull the aesthetic away from the “tech” feel (often blues or crisp white) to a more inviting cozy feel.

Example copy:

“Rugged minimalism at its finest”

dark home 2.jpg

Raw But Refined

Raw doesn’t mean unfinished or unprofessional, the right “raw” product can evoke craftsmanship and dedication to detail. Allowing the customer to see the inner workings of the product engages them, allowing a more solid connection to the product and brand.

Example copy:

“Can you figure out how someone lives based on their wallet? We think so…”


This is a quick example of what can be done for social posts or videos on the Website. I’m not sold on the overall look, and I think there is some education missing on how the accessories are secured, but I was limited with the images that were available. Either way, these types of videos can be easily created for all products once the overall look and feel is established.

I experimented with this product to see I could get it to “pop” off a dark background. The background is real, not computer generated, which gives it a more refined look. I would really like to test out leather products with this darker style.