Interstellar: Merge of Art Cinema and the Hollywood Narrative

This essay utilizes many parts of David Bordwell’s article, “The Art Cinema as a Mode of Film Practice,” and applies it to the 2014 film, “Interstellar”. In it, Bordwell defines what he views the Classic Hollywood Narrative to be versus what is often referred to as, “Art Cinema”

Elements of Art Cinema

  • Complex characters

  • Obsession with realism

  • Metaphysical elements

  • Open ended narrative

Elements of Classic Hollywood Narratives

  • Standard 3-part structure

  • Linear timeline

  • Simple characters

  • Simple cause and effect formula

Typically these these genres do not mix, but “Interstellar”, successfully combined these two by using the classic Hollywood narrative to give structure to all of the art cinema elements in the film. Check out the short essay below to learn more.