Demo Reel

Video Production

  • Do you offer storyboard and script writing services?

Yes and no. I have a background in journalism and technical writing. I enjoy the process of brainstorming and creating a story. However, chances are, you know your product or trade much better than I do. Therefore I expect you to play a critical role in script writing and consulting on what makes the most sense to your client. This may include sitting down with you at length for me to gain a basic understanding of your services, or interviewing engineers etc. At that point I'd be happy to assist with scripts, storyboards etc.

  • Do you do trade work?


  • What kind of equipment do you use?

Whatever the job needs. I have training on RED camera systems as well as Sony, Canon, and Nikon. My current personal set up is a combination of Sony mirrorless bodies, but I'm open to use whatever is best suited for the best results.




Wedding Photography

  • What's your style? 

My background is photojournalism, and I shoot very much like a journalist with minimal interjection between people. This means keeping posed shots to a minimum. I like a more natural feel. Yes, I do the standard shots for grandma, but the rest of the time is for you to interact with your guests and for me to capture those in-between moments. If you prefer more of a fashion look, I recommend meeting  on a day separate from the wedding so that we have time to pose, light, etc. without the stress of the event. 

  • What does it cost? 

My rate is based on a day rate for two photographers. The last thing you need on your wedding day is a nagging photographer telling you that your time is up and it's gonna cost extra to keep them around. Typical weddings are from around noon to 10 or 11 at night. That's the approximate that time I bill for. 

  • Do you supply a second shooter?

Every wedding I shoot is with a second shooter, my very talented and lovely wife. This ensures that every critical moment is captured, and we can split up to be the most effective during times when the couple is split, getting ready etc. 

  • How do you deliver the files / prints?

I don't like to mess with prints when it comes to weddings. If you have a special image you would like done on metal, etc. I am happy to send a color corrected image to a professional printer. However, for standard weddings, I supply the couple with a series of jpegs that I have selected and edited for you no limit on printing. Approximate time for delivery is 2-4 weeks after the wedding.


Motion Graphics

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